Trade deadline 4 hours away. New York dead as a doornail

So everything is pointing towards a Marlon Byrd return to New York. He was great in flushing last year and he’s been great in Philly. He’s roided out of his mind and everybody knows it, but I thing the MLB just kinda stopped caring. This probably won’t happen until very close to the deadline because Byrd is the only tradable asset the Phillies have so they’re going to be looking for a kings ransom. The asking price will come down my 4:00. Byrd will be a Yankee by midday today.

All quiet on the western front. No surprises. Maybe we move Colon but that doesn’t seem likely. We have him signed through next year so we could also trade him in the offseason if we want to or at next years deadline

Outside of New York:

FIRE SALE IN BOSTON! Red Sox fans are loving this because they’re spoiled rotten and think that they’re just gunna get Lester back after the season. I can’t wait for people in Boston to finally not have something go their way.





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