Sharknado 2 Tonight And I Could Not Be More Excited

“ENOUGH SAID!” Damn straight bitchez


Forecast for tonight.

Cloudy, 0 % chance of rain, 100% chance of SHARKNADO.

The greatest movie of all time coming back from some more, and I, for one, couldn’t be more jacked up for this. The original Sharknado was fantastic. We got the guy from 90210 (I’ve never watched the show but people told me he was in it) and the absolute smokestack and 3/4 Tara Reid. Awesome plot-line, dynamic characters, perfect realism, detailed special effects, and hot chicks = Sharknado = my favorite move.

Sharknado 2 can’t be that much different though Baca, how will it be better? Oh, idk maybe if they made some sort of allusion to my favorite team. Oh shit, the Mets and Citi Field are in it?! I may not even watch it and just declare it my favorite movie of all time.

9 o’clock. Syfy Channel. Be there.


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