Tulo Watch 2014: It’s heating up

Before all you pessimistic Mets fans (myself included) start bitching and moaning about this potential trade, I want to say one thing. The Mets need Troy Tulowitzki. Sure, you can throw out all the stats you want, like the one that he’s a .323 hitter lifetime at coors and .272 everywhere else. Sure you could go with the fact that he’s averaged 121 games in the last few years and that he turns 30 in October, but if you’re saying that you’ve got to be fair to both sides. Have you ever seen Syndergaard pitch. Probably not. If you follow baseball you know 90% of the time prospects don’t work out. Syndergaard’s had setbacks and isn’t the sure thing he was built up to be in spring training. You can’t just use one side of the argument because it’s convenient.

How do you make a contender? You don’t sit around and hope you get the cards you want dealt to you, you need to nut up, and make a move that gives you, your team, and your fanbase instant credibility. The Mets are ready to contend. We don’t have room or time to wait for Noah. Our chance to strike is now. If you have to give up Syndergaard you do it in a heartbeat. Tulo is the best shortstop in baseball. When you get a chance for a guy like that, you don’t hesitate because there’s some guy who has never played a Major League game who you like. That’s the reason you have prospects. So you can trade them. You don’t become a real estate mogul by just buying houses and living in them. You make that cash by flipping them. God that was a great analogy.

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Strange how that works doesn’t it.


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