Tom Glavine Entering the HOF Makes Me Wanna Puke

Don’t get me wrong, Tom Glavine 100000% deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. The dude won Cy Youngs, won 300 ballgames, and was one of the dominant pitchers in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Hell, I remember watching Glavine’s 300th win and being giddy as a kid hyped up on candy. Tom Glavine gave us some great memories. But he’s also single-handedly responsible for the second worst day of my life. Sunday, Semptember 30, 2007, when TG couldn’t even get out of the first inning without giving up 7 runs. If you think about it, the Mets could’ve won other games. It didn’t have to fall to him. But the fact he showed almost no remorse after the loss demoralized me. He played it off as “eh, it’s baseball, it happens.” That’s why I associate Tom Glavine with that feeling of swallowing your own throw up. Because at his core he’s an Atlanta Brave, and never really cared about the Mets or New York. So congrats, Tom, you deserved this, but just know that seeing people sing your praises comes with a cringe and a single tear.


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