Day 1 practice wrap-up, Rex: “We’re a Zillion miles ahead of last year”

CORTLAND, N.Y. — After the first practice of training camp, coach Rex Ryan said Thursday the New York Jets are a “zillion miles” ahead of last year at this time. He went so far as to say this team is further along than any of his previous teams. He wasn’t comparing talent, he was just referring to scheme familiarity and overall chemistry.

Wow. I had no idea a zillion was even a number! Let’s see, if we won 8 games last year and we’re already a zillion times better does that mean they should just hand us the Lombardi trophy now? I mean, this means we’re on pace for 8 zillion wins so we must be a juggurnaught. Why even watch the games, we’ll just be winning them like 150-0. If we’re already a zillion times better after just 1 practice I just can’t wait to see what we look like by week 1.

Some real notes from camp: Geno smith was apparently “sharp” so that’s a good sign. Eric Decker and Stephen hill were both dominent in team drills. Chris Johnson looks like he’s turning back the clock. Chris Ivory sat out with some hamstring tightness so that’s something to watch, but that’s probably just ff=rom running a zillion mph. The jets are using a 3 safety rotation as of now ( Dawan Landry, Antonio Allen and No. 1 pick Calvin Pryor). Pretty good day, definitely getting close to that zillion mark.



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