Jets training camp pre-preview

Today is a day of optimism my friends. Today I get to claim that the Jets will make the playoffs and nobody can tell me otherwise. Today i’m untouchable. There’s Christmas, my birthday, and the day the Jets break camp for the start of the new season. The sun was a little bit brighter, the grass was a little greener. Even the train on my way to work didn’t smell that bad. today Geno Smith is a pro bowler. Today Jets nation can be united into maybe believing that this is our year. Why not us? Why can’t we make a run at this thing. All you’ve got to do is get in the tournament. These are all the thoughts that run through my head every late July. Of course then when August comes around and then september my mood tends to get a little more say…dark. By mid August we’re already done. By September it’s a forgone conclusion that we’re going to score 7-10 points a game. By October they give me something. A little winning streak, keep me around. By November they start to crumble and in December they fold like a house of cards. I know what I’m getting with the Jets. The same way Rihanna knows what she’s getting with Chris Brown, but she keeps going back. I’m going to shell out dollar after dollar praying that the football gods forget how much they hate me. I’ll lose my mind every Sunday even though I know what’s going to happen. I’ll stuff my face with enough wings to give me a heart attack by age 40. But this is the shit I look forward to today. The Mets suck, the Knicks suck, the Rangers don’t start playing until late october. I live and die sexy Rexy and gang green. I love every minute of it. I’ll post some expert analysis later, but right now it’s all about looking forward. Seeing the cliff that you’re about to jump off and running straight at it. I love the Jets, and today they’re the champs.


BTW, why are the Jets not on hard knocks every single year? Anybody who has ever seen the show knows that it peaked in New York. When cro couldn’t remember his kids names I almost died. The greatest quote of all time that I say to myself every day after lunch. “Let’s go get a god damn snack.”. Let’s bring Hard Knocks back to New York. Jets ffans don’t get to experience the finer things like playoffs and wins, just let us play around on TV for a month. We’re simple folk, thaat’ll be enough to get us through a long long LONG miserable season.


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