Orange is the new black: here come the Orange unis!!!

The New York Knicks will wear their orange alternate jerseys again in 2014-15, according to Christopher Arena, NBA vice president of identity, outfitting and equipment.

And the Christmas Day uniforms will have first names instead of last names on the back of the jerseys. So, assuming the Knicks play on Christmas Day, Carmelo Anthony‘s jersey will have “Carmelo” on the back instead of “Anthony.”

Uni Watch first detailed the Christmas Day jerseys.

Of course, uniforms have no bearing on the team’s on-court performance, but the Knicks surely hope to have more success in their orange uniforms this season.

The Knicks went 0-7 in orange jerseys in 2013-14. They were 0-6 in the orange alternate uniforms last season and 0-1 in the short-sleeved orange uniform they wore in a Christmas Day loss to Oklahoma City.

And in a forgettable sartorial blunder, the Knicks’ orange and Atlanta’s red road uniforms made it difficult for viewers to differentiate between the two teams on television.

Let’s get this straight, the knicks didn’t suck last year because their jerseys were a weird color, the knicks sucked last year because they were fucking terrible and couldn’t make shots, or pass, or play defense. They could be wearing rainbow colord jerseys with big black dicks on them that spell out knicks and it wouldn’t have made a difference. I don’t really give a shit what jersey’s they wear. Like I hate the people that spend 5 minutes picking out their jerseys when I’m playing them in 2k. Like it’s not that big of a deal, just pick the home or away ones. Now they have like 50 jerseys that don’t even make sense. The “los Knicks” the green st. paddy’s day one’s, these stupid bright orange ones all suck. Just go plain white or blue, classic knickerbockers. Or those rainbow colored dick jersey’s could be ok.


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