Sleepless in Seattle: Mets Mariners

The Metsies are continuing their post all star break death trap on the west coast heading up to the great northwest to visit the Mariners. This is a crucial series for the boys in blue. Not just record wise, because yea we need wins in the utmost way, but to prove to the fans that this is a legit team. There’s nothing that gets a team going than an excited fanbase and that is a FACT. Pitching gets you there sure, hitting helps, but knowing every night that they are 40,000 people going bonkers in the stands gives you more of an edge than anything else in sports. It’s not just a coincidence that we’ve sucked at home the last 5 years. When there are 15 people in the park it’s tough to get it going. So it’s times like now, we’ve got 6 games before we go back to Citi. We NEED this series. 2 out of 3 at the very least. The Mets window to get people excited is closing fast. The Giants broke camp today, the Jets Wednesday. If the Mets don’t show some sort of pulse soon then New York becomes a football town within 2 weeks. It’s time to nut up or shut up. We get Niese back tonight. The good days are coming I promise.

We also take this time to honor the man who will be known as the greatest Met to ever put on the Jersey. David Wright. It’s been a magical 10 years and we all salute you


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