I’m not mad Josh Edgin, I’m just disappointed (how the fuck did we lose that game)


The mets lost the game yesterday the way mets lose games so I shouldn’t be surprised. I was in and out of a power cat nap the whole game but I died a little but every time I woke up and saw that we were still being no hit by te fucking padres. But I kept watching, it could be because I have faith in a lost cause, it could be because I have no pride and can’t quit on this team, but I kept watching. Then we tied it up after the Murph double to break up the no-no and the was ZERO doubt in my mind that we were going to take that. And ten the ninth came. A little dribbler back to the mound with 2 outs. A fucking LITTLE LEAGUER could handle it. So what does Edgin do, he spins around, trips over his feet and the Mets lose. I wasn’t really sure what to say or think or do. The Mets had just reached a new level of patheticness (not a word I know. My vocabulary is very limited). I stuck my neck out for this team. I’m talking up about the playoffs and am getting bashed for it. The least they could do it stay upright when they lose games. This is a new low. I’m not mad, just disappointed 


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