So the Citifield sleepover was last night. Who in their right minds would do this?


Why would you, on a saturday night in the middle of July willingly go to an empty ballpark to sleep on the grass with 250 strangers to watch a baseball game. You either have to be retarted or a serial killer to be inclined to do that. That should be a punishment. Like instead of doing community service you have to go to do the Citifield sleepover. You know where I watched the game last night? In my bed, with the air conditioning set to 65 degrees and the lights off. I didn’t have to sleep next to 250 other freaks. How would you even fall asleep? I HATE camping. Unless I’m under the influence of something I can’t fall asleep anywhere besides a bed. And the thing is that I don’t get the Wilpons angle here. I don’t think it cost money, were they selling 7 dollar hot dogs and 10 dollar beer or something? And look at that little kid in the picture, NO WAY that he was quiet all night. I would’ve ended up punching that kid in the face by the 6th inning. It is a pretty sweet onesie though, you gotta give credit where credit is due.

This would absolutely be me last night. Sleepover suck in general. Everybody tries to stay up all night. Just go the fuck to sleep.


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