The haters said we’d collapse after the break. We’re 1-0 now baby

So all I heard over the break is “Owen you’re fucking retarded, the Mets will not make the playoffs, they’re gonna lose 8 in a row coming out of the break”. Well what happened last night bitches? Oh yea, the Mets went out and beat the padres 5-4 in the ninth. It wasn’t just the win but it’s HOW they won. They got up early, scoring 3 runs in the 1st. They’ve scored the most 1st inning runs in the Majors. Offensive mother fucking JUGGURNAUTS. Then, after Colon faltered, giving up 4 runs in 5 innings, the bullpen came in and was lights out yet again. They sucked so bad in April and May that they get such a bad rep now, but at this moment you’d be hard pressed to find a better bullpen in baseball. Their ERA for the year is 3.17 (7th) which is eh, but it’s 2.29 in the last month, which is straight fire. The emergence of Jeurys Familia and Jenrry Mejia in the closers role can’t be overstated. THe big three of Familia, Torres and Mejia is somehow one of the most shutdown 7th, 8th and 9th innings in baseball. Then, Travis d’Arnuad continued his hot hitting driving in 2, including the eventual game winner in the 9th. d’Arnuad has been on a tear since coming back up and if he can sustain this, he gives the Mets a legit threat in the 5-hole. This is going to be a great 2nd half, I can tell. Let the haters hate while the winners win. We’ve got San Diego again tonight. We’ll see what happens.


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