The World Championships of Dick Sucking took place last night in Minneasota

I thought that I’d be able to get through last night being fine with what was going on, I knew that Darek Jeter was going to be paraded around with his dick out and I thought I wouldn’t care. But I was soooooooo wrong. This was an absolute travesty. I don’t even really like the All Star Game but I was just BEGGING for it to keep going. This game was stopped every 5 seconds to pay respect to one of the greatest above average shortstop in the last 20 years. I’m not going to make this a Jeter is overrated blog because that’s a whole separate one, but I think that what went on last night was just weird. There was so much slobbing over Jeter’s knob that it was almost like watching live porn. But it was was seeing him go inside out on an 85 mph fastball that Mike Trout probably would have hit 600 feet. What a classy guy though.

This was just gross. The whole walk through the dugout. I wanted to puke.

BTW: Thanks a lot Muphs, really repped us well out there, 4 pitch strikeout and what could’ve been an error




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