The Next Face of Baseball – The Difference Between Harper and Trout


First of all, I’d give anything to be either one of these two guys. Both can hit the cover off the ball, run fast, and have their right arms replaced with cannons. Mike Trout won the All-Star Game MVP last night. Bryce Harper probably watched from his couch. Talent-wise, these guys are neck and neck. They are the future of baseball. But after last night, I’m officially all in on Trout being the next face of baseball (offensively, Kershaw on the mound). Mike Trout does something Bryce Harper doesn’t do. He smiles. He enjoys playing the game of baseball. His love of the game is infectious and you can see that.

Trout smile

Harper is a grouch who probably had a psycho dad push him from age 2. Just way too serious. It also doesn’t help Harper’s case in my book that he plays the Mets 18 games a year.

Think about it like this. Pujols, Jeter (gag), and Pedro were the dominant players of our childhood. The next decade gets these two and Kershaw, and I’m totally ok with that.



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