So that the worst Home Run Derby ever right?

I was watching this Derby last night with BacaBoom and a few friends and the whole time I just couldn’t seem to pay attention for more than like 30 seconds at a time. 1) There were like no home runs. It felt like every time I looked up a dude had 1 home run and 6 outs. 2) What the fuck is the deal with 7 outs. Everybody and their mother knows that the Home Run Derby is 10 outs and you try and hit as many bombs as you can. 3) I have NO idea how the format worked. It made absolutely no sense. I don’t really give a shit whether the NL or AL wins, I care about which player wins. I like how it used to be. You line up 8 guys, then you go to 4, then 2. It’s simple, the Home Run Derby is supposed to be simple. It’s batting practice, it’s the playoffs.

I liked one thing in the Derby last night, Giancarlo Stanton was AMAZING. The dude blasted his home runs. They are still going. The 500 foot one was sick. I would have rather just seen Stanton just jack balls for 2 1/2 hours. Instead we got to see him lose to Todd Frazier in the 2nd round. I didn’t know what team Todd Frazier was on until the finals. I can’t wait for the All Star Game tonight to be as big of a bust as the Derby. Annual viewing party at BacaBoom’s.

Stanton’s BOMB


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