Odawg’s Mets Grades 1st half of the season (1/4)

So we head into the break 45-50, and 7 games out of the east and the wild card. If you told me in early May we’d have a shot at the all-star break, I would’ve taken that in second. We’re starting to play our best baseball right now, and it’s coming at the right time. The East is very weak and no team is consistent enough to pull away with it, if we can keep playing like this, we’ll be fighting for this thinh into late september. Here’s how the first half played out


Travis d’Arnuad: (C-) Little frenchy got off too an awwwwwful start. He was batting near the mendoza line and got sent down in early June. Has started hitting though since being re-called and is always solid defensively

Anthony Recker: (B-) While d’Arnuad struggled to find a rythym all half, Recker always was solid when called upon

1st Base:

Lucas Duda: (B-) Hasn’t started hitting consistantly until recently, but has time and time again displayed his power, and he’s best when he’s spraying the ball to both fields. Raw power that could become big down the stretch

2nd Base:

Daniel Murphy: (A) He has been the only consistent and productive player in the Mets lineup and was rewarded with that with an All Star Selection. His defense is no longer a problem and I hope that Sandy sees Murphy for what he is and decides to keep him around.


Ruben Tejada: (C) He hasn’t been THAT awful. At the beginning of the season I thought he’d be a total trainwreck but now he’s just ok enough to be a placeholder at short. Very good range and rarely makes mental errors

Wilmer Flores (40-man): (D) Was a major dissapointment in his call up as his bat, which was supposed to be his strength, never got a spark as he flamed out and was sent back to Las Vegas. He’s been hitting well though down there

3rd Base:

David Wright: (B-) His stats say that this grade should be much lower than what it is, but you have to take into account that David rarely saw good pitches, as there was never any solid protection behind him. The intangibles are also irreplacable and his defense is always gold glove worthy. David is starting to look very good since coming back from injury and hopefully that carries into the 2nd half

Left Field:

Eric Young: (C) When he’s healthy for a consistent stretch of time the Mets play well with him. His speed puts defenses on edge and always has a knack for making something happen. His problem though has been staying healthy, and when he’s healthy, getting on base in the 2nd Half

Chris Young: (F) A terrible bust that has barely contributed anything to this club besides a few bloop hits and fluke home runs. I was at a Mets game recently and when he came to bans fans were screaming Jason Bay! Jason Bay! Jason Bay!, seems about right.


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