Mets first half report card (4/4)


Jenrry Mejia (RHP): (A-) A savior for the Mets when we were desperate for a closer. He’s shown that he’s the closer of the future for the Mets and that at some points, he’s just straight unhitable. Jenrry is the anchor of the improving bullpen


Bobby Parnell (RHP): elbow surgery knocked him out for the year and now all we can hope for is that he can come back healthy and be a solid reliever

Matt Harvey (SP): I really hope Harvey doesn’t come back, it looks pretty likely that he won’t which is good. We need our ace back and healthy


MVP: Daniel Murphy- being the only bat in the lineup that has been dangerous the whole year, he deserves to be here. Although it does seem to be by default.

LVP: Chris Young- I don’t think that he even deserves to get an award. A total waste of money. He’s being kept around because of the sole fact the Wilpons are cheap.

Cy Young: Bartolo Colon- The easy pick. He’s the leader in wins and innings and has been the most important pitcher we’ve had. A guy who has provided laughter and results. He’s given us everything we could’ve hoped for. I hope he gets to finish with us.

Aaron Heilman: Jose Valverde- We needed him to be a big part of the bullpen and when he flopped, it rippled through the pen. Good riddance Jose. You will be remembered as the guy who got released 2 minutes after the game ended that you blew.

MVP of the 2nd Half: Curtis Granderson

Cy Young of 2nd Half: Jenrry Mejia

Prediction: 84-78 (1st place in the east)

So that might’ve take a liiiittle longer than a minute, but screw it you’re not doing any important are you? I’m not so fuck it.  Thanks for reading.


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