Youngbloods Softball game 4: Redemtion city

It’s getting to be that time of the week again. When the youngbloods get take the field in hopes of not embarrassing ourselves and or our loved one’s. If you for some reason don’t read the blog every day, here’s a quick recap of the last game. So cha boy Odawg got the nod to bat leadoff and shit the bed. But things didn’t get much better from there. Our defense was actually pretty spectacular. We didn’t toss the ball around like a little league game and we held the other team to 5 runs. Now, I’m not sure, we don’t have a softball reference of all of our stats from the 4 years of existence, but I am close to positive that is the least runs we’ve ever given up. Yet we TOTALLY found a way to fuck it up. We scored 3 runs. 3 runs! 3 RUNS!!! I’m done looking at that game though, you can’t dwell on the past, that’s the number 1 rule of softball. Well, that and drink a lot.

So let’s get back to the game tonight. Tonight we get a couple of studs back. We get our boys K9 and Marasco back from their vacations. they’re a huge part of our team offensively and defensively. They’re speed demons. Marasco locks down Left field, something cha boy Odawg had trouble doing. Kieran plays a solid shortstop and anchors the infield. They’re both huge bats at the top of our lineups and will hopefully get us some runners on for Carlino to hit his 50th home run. I know I said it last time, and the time before that, and the time before that……But tonight is the night. Tonight is the night we move from complete debauchery and embarrassment, to just irrelevancy…and still embarrassment. Tonight’s the night Odawg hits for power. Tonight’s the night We get blasted. Tonights the night we win. And yes, there will be another episode of Hard Knocks: Inside Youngbloods Softball.

Lineup to come later in the day……..


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