The “sources” are starting to piss me off

What the hell qualifies as a source now in the Carmelo Anthony decisions. I thought a source was somebody who continually had reliable information from the inside and would only leak it out if its true. Now, I  hear 50 million god damn sources saying all kinds of shit. How do you become a source? Do you just spew out random facts and hope that you land once in a while? Can I be a source if I just say stupid shit? And really, Carmelo, if even a little bit of this is true, you need to get your camp together. I mean your crew is about as reliable at keeping secrets as my 7 year old brother. If Chris Broussard knows about every time you jerk off, it’s time to start finding some more reliable people. ‘Melo, if you want I’m very available to take a temp job inside of your team as a professional secret keeper. What is that you ask? it’s a secret. See Carm, I’m already doing my job. My peeps will be in touch with your peeps.



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