Nets aquire Jaret Jack. Basically they’re just giving Cleveland money to sign LeBron

Well thanks Brooklyn you really fucked us over this time. Why in your right mind would you make this trade? Sure, Jaret Jack is a solid play, a good pro, a steady hand. But what you just did with this was totally fuck over the rest of the east, including yourselves. Now the Cavs have the money for Lebron. Not all of it, but enough that he can come. What do you think Jaret Jack is going to do? Is he going to take you to the finals? No, not even close. The best chance for any team to get out of the east is to basically do whatever they can to get LeBron to the Western conference. Because right now, if LeBron goes to Cleveland, there is NOBODY in the east who is stopping them. The pacers are a distant second, the wizards an even further 3rd, then a clusterfuck after that throwing in the hornets, nets, raptors and Hawks. The Nets just poo’d the bed BIG TIME. The Knicks never had a shot anyway, but I like to think with Carmelo in a LeBron-less east, that maybe we could make an unbelievable trip to the finals and then get sexually assualted worse than Brazil yesterday. Thanks a lot Brooklyn. FUCK.


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