Youngbloods player card: Jon Bona

His talent is through the roof. Scouts everywhere agree that this five-tool phenomenon is a sure fire slow pitch softball MVP someday. This season, Jon Bona sits quietly in the dugout. Waiting, watching, preparing. A high ankle sprain has hindered his activity with the Youngbloods early in the 2014 season, but everybody know, once you put Jonny bats back in that lineup, the game will change. A natural second baseman, his soft hands remind me of that of a baby’s. His ability at the top of the lineup gives his team a chance to win every game. The skip knows that we’ve been lost without our Jonny in the game. He’s spoken of his high softball IQ, and his natural ability to get on base in a timely fashion. What many don’t know is that Jon hails from the inner city. He learned how to master his trade in the underground softball leagues of Detroit. He played without a glove or a bat, using only his shoe to record and unbelievable, record setting .550 average on his way to winning the coveted “8 mile trophy” for the best white kid from the wrong side of the tracks. El Capitan saw his potential and saved him from the of gang life and crime and made him a real blood. A Youngblood.

Jon has been coaching the hell out of 3rd base during his absence, always being a team player. And Buster Olney is reporting that his rehab is going well and there is a chance he will play this Wednesday.


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