What the fuck is going on in Brazil


Holy Jesus Allah. I wasn’t watching this Brazil Germany game because quite frankly I couldn’t give a shit about who won now that the US is out. But holy hell batman, Brazil is getting absolutely curb stomped. The Germans Blitzkrieg worked for the first time since pre-A-bomb as they went into this game and ripped the hearts out of every man, woman and child without blond hair and blue eyes in that stadium. I honestly couldn’t care less if Brazil won or not. Sure their fans would be super happy for like the rest of their lives, but the problem is, that wouldn’t last very long. There would be so many riots that people would just start dying left and right. The only scary scenario with this game is that 70% of Brazilians have a shotgun in their mouth right now and if Germany puts one more in I’m pretty sure we’re going to see the first self inflicted genocide in history. How many people live in brazil? Let’s say 20 million. Tomorrow there will 12, the next day 8, and when they lose the third place game on Sunday Brazil will finally be wiped of the face of the earth, until it is cleaned up and inhabited by rich white kids for spring break. Who doesn’t love the Cup!


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