Game 2 in Atlanta tonight: It’s time to bring out the flow

It goes without saying that tonights game is a must win. Usually games in early July don’t provide must win games, but if you’re the amazin mess of New York, just about every game in the division is a must win from here on out. We did what we needed to last night. Timely hitting, even though we stranded runners on with the bases loaded. We got a fantastic outing from Dice-K, and we did just about everything we needed to d in order to win that game. I’m not just hyping this series up for the purpose of getting people to read the blog, even terry collins is publicly saying we need a sweep or we’re pretty much sitting ducks the rest of the way. Tonight, it falls on the golden boy. Jacob deGrom is taking the mound at citi. He needs to throw tonight the way he looks every day. Perfect. Especially with torres getting hurt last night and Mejia bordering on Schizophrenic recently, deGrom need to hand in his best performance to date. I’ve been looking for a new favorite Met ever since David Wright got super popular. Jacob is making a grand case for himself. But what the mets really need and what never gets talked about is production from the 2nd half of the lineup. We are by no means a power house with these guys but when players like d’arneau (another candidate for my favorite Met.), ruben tejada, Eric Yound jr, or Chris young are getting on base, we absolutely suck less. And right now, I will take sucking less over being a complete joke 100 time out of 100. Offense is hard to come by for us, that’s not a state secret, but timely hits are a must tonight. Julio Teheran hasn’t allowed more than a run the last 5 times he’s faced us. I don’t wanna say we’re totally fucked, because if we can keep it close, I’ll take our chances vs a tired braves bullpen. Let’s go suck today’s dick boys.


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