An Austrailian Rules football player choked his opponent in a game last night!!! Why doesn’t this happen in America

Hawthorn’s Brian Lake attempted to strangle North Melbourne’s Drew Petrie after throwing him down to the ground during play. Lake had a pretty good hold on Petrie’s neck for much of the skirmish.

Petrie even admitted that he was “nearly asleep there for a moment,” via the Herald Sun‘s Rebecca Williams. Had Petrie’s teammates not rushed to his defense, this situation could have escalated even further. 

Ok, so if I’ve learned anything in the past 2 weeks it is this. The rest of the world is so much better at playing dirty than we are. We’ve got dude’s down in Brazil running around biting each other and pople in Australia trying to kill the opponent on the field by choking him!?! Guess what our atheletes are doing in America. Lebron is having a 3 week love fest with all of the other players in the NBA. They’re all being so nice and buddy buddy with each other, basically trying to get each other in bed. THIS is the shot in the arm the American sports needs. I wrote thatAmerican soccer needs to get Luis Suarez to the MLS immediatly and i’ll start paying attention. The same goes for this dude. The first NBA team that goes to sign this guy is a legit championship contender. How is LeBron going to dominate a game if his trachea is punctured? Thi guy thinks outside the box. Sure, he could “follow the rules” and “not commit attempted murder on the field”, but that would be no fun. If i’m paying top dollar to go to these NBA or MLB games, I’m looking for the full experience. Death by choking would be a wonderful influx of both strategy and excitement to American sports. Take a hint America, when this guy is done doing 25 to life in an Aussie prison, ship him to the land of opportunity where he’s able to choke as many people as his heart desires. I applaud you sir, you left everything on the field, including almost a corpse.


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