Melo Monday

Well, it’s happening. Today is the day. Knick fans are at DEFCON Level 5 right now. The Lakers have emerged as the Knicks top obstacle in resigning Carmelo. There is talk about “respect” he has for Kobe, the chance of teaming up with Pau Gasol and lottery-pick Julius Randle. It was reported somewhere that Anthony scrimmaged with Kobe and Kevin Love over the weekend.

This will come down to one thing and one thing only, and everyone has been saying it the whole time. Money. Moola. The green. The paper. The cash flow. If Melo only cares about that, he will stay in NY. If he wants to be anything more than a great scorer (think Allen Iverson, but still not even as good) he will venture out and compete for a championship. The Knicks have offered him the max contract of 5 years $129 million. The max the Lakers can offer is 4 years $97 mil. I’m not so sure Melo would just leave $30 mil on the table for a chance to win in a stacked Western Conference.

That being said, if you don’t think Kobe (healthy), Melo, Randle and Gasol at the 2-5 positions on the court isn’t formidable you’re outside your own head.


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