Knicks Hire Kurt Rambis as Assistant

The Knicks made a splash today. No, they didn’t get melo, no they didn’t get Gasol, or even Carlos Fuckin Boozer. No, the Knicks went out and got lifelong Phil Jackson    butt-puppy Kurt Rambis. Rambis, has been the Lakers assistant coach 3 times over the 12 years, failing every time he tried to leave mommy’s nest. So I guess it makes sense that while we’re assembling Lakers east, we might as well get a dude with Property of Phil Jackson tattooed on his ass.

This probably isn’t the worst move in the world, Rambis is a longtime assistant and pretty much know by now that he’s inept when it comes to being a head coach, he went like 30-120 in Minneasota, so his main job will really be helping to get Fisher’s feet wet on the sidelines before Rambis can get back to slobbing on Phil’s knob. Rambis and Fisher have a long history as well, so I really like what Phil is doing surrounding fisher with people he’s comfortable with. Will it make a difference? Probably not, but it gives me something to write about on a slow day here and there so why the hell not.

I completely change my mind about this blog. Kurt Rambis should be the head coach of the Knicks after viewing this picture. That chest hair tho…..


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