Nets hire Lionel Hollins

I probably couldn’t find one person who would be surprised by this news. The Nets wanted to hire Hollins back in December when Kidd was almost axed, but then the Nets started winning, and that ended that discussion. So, literally 5 minutes after Jason Kidd was gone just about everybody in the Nets organization was like, yea it’s Lionel Hollins. I don’t know much about him, besides the fact that he got bitch slapped by memphis and showed the door after they won 56 games 2 years ago and made it to the conference finals. But you know what they say in memphis….nothing, because memphis is a terrible place to live (especially for a black dude). Hollins is an old school guy which will sit well with a lot of the vets on the Nets (sweet rhyme Odawg), but realistically in the end it’s not going to matter, because the Nets ceiling is the 2nd round exit and the NBA champion is either going to be the Spurs, Thunder, or whatever team LeBron is on. Sorry if I just spoiled the NBA season. But good for Hollins, he’s a good guy and and above average coach, he should be a good fit for a historically mediocre team.



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