Rangers lose Pouliot, Re-sign Moore, sign Tanner Glass

The Rangers were making moves today, losing Benoit Pouliot to Edmonton, re-signing Dom Moore and poaching Tanner Glass from the Penguins. Once Pouliot started asking for a big deal, you pretty much knew his days in New York were numbered. I don’t blame him, he earned his cash and now he’s taking it. Edmonton gave Pouliot 5 years $20 million dollars. Sather wasn’t going near that number. Peace out Benoit.

Re-signing Dom Moore was kind of just a formality, but it’s nice to see that the Rangers made him a priority and worked so quick, that shows class. The contract works for both sides as well, with Moore getting 2 years for $3 million.


Tanner Glass.Now this is one that I saw and was a little split on. He was an absolute NO SHOW during the Rangers Pens series and that’s probably why he’s not in Pittsburgh anymore. 

But what Glass is though is a gritty, Brian Boyle type forward who isn’t afraid to play on the boards and make scrappy plays. He’s a great signing for the rangers looking for a physical, tone setter, and an economically sound move to, as he got 4.35 mil over 3 years with only a $1.45 million dollar cap hit. Savy move by Sather. But what this also means is that the writing is on the wall and Brian Boyle is most likely on his way out of New York. All reports say that the 2 sides aren’t grossly far apart but Boyle wants more responsibility than just a 4th line grinder, and that’s something Vineault is most likely not gonna budge on.


Tampa Bay Lightingjust signed Anton Stralman to a 5 year $20 million deal. This is a big move because Stalman help down the 2nd line with Staal last season, so you’ve gotta think that Sather has his eye on a Vet like Dan Boyle or Christian Ehrhoff.


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