It’s mothafuckin GAME TIME. I BELIEVE.

Honestly, who thought at the beginning of this tournament that we would really care about soccer this much. I think it’s pretty fucking cool how it’s only taken 2 weeks for the entire god damn country to get pumped out of their minds over soccer. SOCCER. Should we win today? HELL NO. Are we gonna win today? FUCK YES. I’ve said this all week, we should never lose to a country that I cannot locate on a map. We can lose to France, we can lose to Brazil, we could lose to fucking Canada, but I swear to god if Belgium beats us I might lose it. People have been trying to tell me “Oh Odawg, it’s between the Netherlands and France and Holland (is Holland the Netherlands? Oh well who cares)”. Newsflash, I don’t know where the Fuck that is.This is our game to lose because we’re America and we’re awesome.

If I’m gonna start talking real soccer and why we should win I’m just going to sound stupid but let’s give it a shot.Bradley is due for a huge game, he’s too good to play 4 shitty games in a row. Tim Howard is the Henrik Lundqvist of US soccer and gives us a chace to win every game. Dempsey is getting close to American hero status and a goal or a few chances created today would bring him towards Lando status. I know absolutely nothing about belgium besides the fact that their waffles are DANGEROUSLY overrated, and any country that’s economy is predicated on shitty waffles is not a country that takes down the US.


Obligatory greatest chant in the world post:



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