Phew, David Wright avoids surgery…….Wait, David Wright almost needed surgery?!?!?!?


Hold on let me wrap my head around this. So not only has David Wright been hurt the last month (not very surprising) but they thought he might need surgery!?!? 2 days ago I had no idea he was even in any type of pain, now they’re saying he’s lucky to have avoided season ending surgery? Classic Mets. Same thing happened with Harvey last year. He goes 7 1/3 and gives up 1 run and the next day it comes out he needs Tommy John. David Wright got hurt on a slide into second base a month ago (wrist), so it would only make sense that the mets would address it now. I don’t get it, are the Mets even employing trainers or a medical staff or does Fred wilpon just log on to every day and try an diagnose everything himself. But seriously, thank god David’s ok, nobody deserves to be stuck on the Mets but he’s one of the few guys who embraces it. Long live the best captain in New York (yea I said it.).


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