Odawgs take on the knicks draft

I know BacaBoom already wrote an article about our draft night  and then came up with the sweet nickname for the greek god, and it’s like 18 hours later but I wanted to add my 2 cents too so listen up.

Cleanthoney Early #34

I LOVE the pick of Cleanthoney early from witchita state. He’s a lockdown defender and a guy who works hard and wins. Props to BacaBoom for kinda calling this pick. We needed a guy like this who will come off the bench and buy into Derek Fisher’s Phil Jackson’s system. If early had been in last years draft he probably would have been a mid to late first rounder. Basically summing up early is that he is going to be a very solid and reliable player, something that the knicks needed last year and they lacked outside of ‘melo and prigioni when he was healthy. Great Job with this one Phil.

Thanasis Antetokounmpo #51

I can’t say I like the 2nd pick as much. First off, I don’t like players who’s names I can’t pronounce. Quick, try and think of a good NBA player with an unpronounceable name, other than this guys brother who was ok on the Bucks last year. International players also scare me too. He played in the D-league last year and was good, but I still just won’t waiver on that international stance, even though this is where Manu Ginobli went a few years ago to the spurs. I think this is an upside pick. Cleanthoney early is going to be almost a sure thing, this guy is freakishly athletic with boom or bust potential. A good pick for number 51, a good place to take a risk.

Louis Labyrie (aquired rights for cash) #57

About all I know about this guy is that he’s French and he’s tall. He has bust written all over him, he probably won’t ever be seen in a Knicks uniform so there isn’t much point of talking about him.

Very good draft considering we didn’t have a pick come 24 hours before the draft. The pick of early is something that will help us early (ha, I made a pun) and Antetukumbo (pretty sure i spelled that wrong) could help us later. Great Job.
Grade: B+


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