Mets vs. Pirates, game 81

This is it, this is the halfway point of our season. I guess i can say that i’m happy that we’re halfway through the year and we’re only 5.5 back. The only problem is i’m not sure if this is us playing our best baseball, or if our best ball is ahead of us. we have to go 54-29 the rest of the yet in order to win 90 games. I’m not gunna say it’s impossible because……yea it’s probably impossible, but the NL east is SOOOOO bad that we don’t have to win 90. I think if we go 48-35 we will have a legitimate shot coming down the stretch to make the playoffs. Why not us. Here’s tonights lineup.

deGrom got his first win last time out, so he’s gunna take his Rapunzel-like hair back out to the mound and hope to get us a W after last nights loss. David Wright got hurt last night and was a late scratch to today’s lineup so cambell is gonna play for him. Fun fact, Jacob deGrom has the best avg. of anybody in the lineup for the mets tonight. That screams playoffs right?

little preview of the flow


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