If you don’t watch the game today, you’re just as bad as Hitler

Yep, I went there. Actually, I’ll take it a step further because Hitler absolutely would’ve taken a break from trying to take over the world to watch this game. Come on, you can’t take 2 FUCKING HOURS off your job or school or whatever the hell you’re doing that is so damn important to watch a modern day reenactment of World War 2. I highly doubt that your job is THAT important that you can’t leave your cube or your Deli counter (Cruise) to watch this game. Barack Obama is the most important and powerful man in the world, and he’s gunna take a little time off to watch our boys defeat those freaks who we’ve STOMPED every time they have challenged us. But iff you don’t want to watch that’s fine, al I’m calling for is your passport, you American citizenship and for you to be out of the country by midnight tonight. I don’t know you choose.

BTW, even our GERMAN COACH calls it your patriotic duty to skip work to watch this game. No excuses, none.



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