Group of Death my ass

I don’t understand the term “group of death” because We blew through that group like we were playing a bunch of 3rd graders. Do you REALLY think we were trying to beat germany? Come on, we knew we were moving on, we just thought we’d make things interesting. Keep the assess in the seats. You think that we’re gunna play like that against BELGIUM? Where is Belgium? They play Soccer? I thought they only made chocolate and waffles, like an entire country of Willie Wonka factories. Or Algeria? Yea like they want another crack at us after last time when we pulled down their pants and spanked them back to whatever continent they live in.

I don’t know if you remember….

Whatever, quarterfinals here we come.

But this is where I have the problem with soccer, I know it didn’t come down to it, but we BEAT ghana, yet if they had won that game 3-1 or even 3-2 then we would have been out? that makes ZERO sense. Everybody knows that the first tiebreaker is always head to head. You literally played that exact same team on a neutral field a week ago and won, but that just doesn’t matter? What the point of even giving out the points then? In every other sport, hockey, basketball, baseball, football, ya know the REAL sports, it’s head to head. This is why nobody in the US respects soccer, because there are so many stupid rules that would be sooooooo easy to change (stoppage time???) but Fifa is just like nah we’re gonna keep doing it this way because why the fuck not.

Anyway, who cares because once again America wins. Don’t tell me Germany won that game, because we moved on just as far as they did so by my logic we beat Germany…..AGAIN. Sorry bro, you just can’t touch us, cuz you know why? Freedom. That’s why.




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