Do Chileans Want to Watch Their Team Play in the World Cup?

Chile Riot

AP – Nearly 100 rampaging Chilean fans broke through a security checkpoint at the Maracana stadium on Wednesday, rushing through a large media room and breaking down walls as they tried to force their way into the sold-out Spain vs. Chile match at the World Cup.

The power move of all power moves. Brings back memories of the good ol’ Bastille in Frechy-land oh so long ago. I want to meet the ringleader. The guy who said “Forget potentially getting shot because we are in a hostile nation, let’s just run through the gates and see what happens.” Someone I don’t want to meet – the poor security guards who got stomped on. Pretty sure I’ve had nightmares about getting run over by 100 Chileans. Nothing but respect for the fans though, you gotta do what ya gotta do to watch your team play on the world’s biggest stage.



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