Why Ryan McDonagh Will Be The Next Rangers Captain


Ryan McDonagh will wear a “C” on his left chest for the New York Rangers for years to come. At least that’s the way it should be. The captain of any team should be able to perform. That is the main reason why it shouldn’t go to Girardi, a guy who had a miserable playoffs, and Marc Staal, who at times I forgot was on the team. Brad Richards wore an “A” for the past couple years, but I have a better chance of being a Ranger next year than he does. McDonagh is the perfect choice. He’s a top-line blue-liner, a Norris Award candidate for years to come. His 17-point postseason performance proved that he is ready for the next step and assume a leadership role for years to come. He signed a 6-year extension last summer and is only 25 years old, which makes him the perfect candidate for Captain because he’ll be around for quite a while. McDonagh is really the only move that makes sense at this point.  

Also, McDonagh is a former Wisconsin Badger, basically an A++++++ in my book.

Double Also, His wife is a certified smokestack and three quarters.
McDonagh Wife


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