Breaking news in Carmelo Anthony story: my girlfriend thought Carmelo Anthony was white


I could not WAIT to blog this one. I was talking to my girlfriend last night and I get a text saying she’s reading my blog. Great, fantastic. I then get better news. I receive a text 2 minutes later saying “I thought Carmelo Anthony was white”. This is amazing on so many levels. The one most obvious question is, what white kid has ever been named Carmelo? Now, it’s not like she hates sports. She watched almost every Ranger game with me and puts up with my incessant ranting about sports, so she’s earned this one. It’s when she starts calling David Wright black or the King Asian that I’ve gotta start putting her in line 👋

(disclaimer: please do not hit women. That’s like top 5 worst things you could do, and it just makes you a pussy.)



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