Bartolo Colon Got His First Hit in 9 Years Today … It Was a Double

Bartolo Colon

Oh snap! Is that Babe Ruth? Hank Aaron? Nah baby, that’s just ‘Tolo being ‘Tolo.

Bartolo Colon thought-catalog at the plate this afternoon:

“Lol, these guys are idiots, can’t wait to make them look like idiots and hit a homerun double all over their face.”


Colon Swinging

(Obviously hit full-screen to watch the video, that’s the only it works and I have no clue why).

Perhaps the most impressive part was not that he was able to put the bat on the ball, and then the ball landed in fair territory without being caught, therefore a hit. His running/jogging was phenomenal. That had to be the slowest double of all time. Kevin Burkhardt’s call was hilarious too … “Let’s watch him run!”

Bartolo Colon thought catalog after he realized he got a hit:

“Shitttttttt, did NOT realize I’d have to go two bases.”

I feel like I missed the birth of my first child not being able to watch this live because I was at “work”. This only comes around so often. We have to cherish this moment forever.


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