Bring it Back: Game 5


I’m officially freaking out. All day I didn’t blog or pick up my phone because me and BacaBoom were at six flags. This was a move of strategery. We distracted ourselvs all day long. Now, six flags is over and I’m losing my god damn mind.

Tonight we go into the Lions den. I have all the confidence in the world that we will win. That doesn’t stop me from tearing my hair out. We need power move after power move tonight. Never let up. Never let the Queens breathe. We have success when our forechecking is working and we get the puck deep into the kings zone, we cannot get away from that. Girardi has to stop shitting his pants every time he see’s the puck, and I need to see so many white sweaters in front of that net I confuse it for a clan rally.

Realistically we need one thing and one thing only. It starts and ends with this man. He’s known round the world by one single phrase. The King. This guy has the ability to take away the game from any team on any night, and tonight will be no different. Tonight we ride into Los Angelis and the king reigns supreme. 

Prediction: 3-1 Blueshirts 



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