The big 4?????

So over the last day or so there have been some rumblings about Carmelo Anthony joining forces with the Heat’s big three to form an equally annoying and original nickname…..the big 4. I’m just going to say this once,if this happens, i am not watching the NBA anymore. This concept is just so stupid, it’s killing my love of basketball. I’m not a LeBron hater, I’m not a Heat hater, but i would like to see something resembling competition if I’m paying $150 for a ticket. I’ve watched the minimal amount of playoff basketball this year and this just totally justifies every feeling I have about the NBA. So leave Carmelo, go suck off LeBron and Wade in Miami see if I care. Silver has to know you can’t play 82 games and 3 months of playoffs with 3 good teams. Wanna know why the Stanley cup playoffs are so exciting? Because the players aren’t ego maniacs and the teams are evenly matched. All these guys want is attention, and they’ll get what they want. I’ll find another sport to watch, maybe Curling.


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