Shocker: Mets lose AGAIN

Typical Mets loss. 13 innings 4 hours 20 minutes 8 stranded in extras and a 5-1 loss. Not to mention that they put together 6 hits through those 13 innings. The only run was a god damn Bobby Abreu sac fly. I know, the bats must have just been tired after 2 days of constant power and dominance. Nope. They managed 13 hits and 8 runs ( 1 on Wednesday, 1 today) in 33 innings. There is nobody else to blame anymore for this. We can’t blame Terry, or Sandy, or the Wilpons….. We HAVE TO FIRE THE HITTING COACH…….AGAIN!!! I mean this guy just isn’t workin out. How can you fail this badly when you have superstars like Ruben Tejada, Chris Young, Lucas Duda, Wilmer Flores and Anthony Recker to work with. Those are top of the line bats!!!! I mean, give me 2 days with strikeout king and catcher of the future Travis d’arnaud and you’ll be confusing him with Mike Piazza.


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