Addressing Odawg Implicity Calling Me a Bandwagon Fan

I will admit, I am no diehard Ranger fan. That is just a spade calling a spade. I will tell you one thing though odawg, I am no bandwagoner. The problem here is that odawg was upset with me for declaring the series over after the Rangers went down (3-0), which is undoubtedly true. Last night was awesome, and hell they can even pull out the next one in LA and bring it back to the Garden for Game 6. From there, the Rangers carry momentum and can even send it back to LA for Game 7 where anything is possible. Now that I’ve put that thought in your head, it will not happen. I never hopped off the bandwagon, I am just trying to protect my fellow fan from disillusionment. It will be pathetic when everyone is DEVASTATED that the Rangers lost. People, this has been a development for almost a week. We’ve had time to cry, scream, depress, and cope. Let’s just enjoy these last few happy to be here.


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