Mets(29-35) vs. Brewers(38-27)

Tonight’s that special night a week where Jacob deGrom takes the mound and the players are so in awe of his flow, they forget to score runs. That must be the only explanation

The Metsies last night showed the glimmer of hope they always seem to show at this point in June. But don’t be fooled, a sweep of the brewers and then San Diego will put us probably 1.5 out. That will ultimately be followed however by losing 16of 20. So buckle up. Here are tonight’s notes

• Jacob deGrom (0-2, 3.19 ERA): I’m not sure if it’s the luscious flow or the lower case d, but J-dizzle is quickly becoming my favorite met.
• The Mets have scored 8 runs for deGrom this year. 8. He’s given up 11 and has yet to record a win
• The grand slam by Teagarden last night was the first by a player in his Mets debut since Collin “reverse” Cowgill on opening day of last year (BTW he hit a walk-off HR in the 14th for the A’s last night)
• The Mets leaders in Avg. go as so (with minimum at bats):
1) Daniel Murphy .305 2) David Wright .275 3) Lucas Duda……. .238!!!!!
Those are the type of numbers that 90 win seasons are built on. BTW Sandy Alderson said today that Terry Collins isn’t on the hot seat, meaning only one thing. Terry Collins is on the hot seat. Although it is a little bit like the pot calling the kettle black. Alderson should be gone sooner than good ol’ Terry.


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