T-dawg is my hero

Thank god for Taylor Teagarden. 2 days after we sent down Travis d’Arnuad we finally got a catcher to get hits. Don’t get me wrong, d’arnuad was very good at getting intentionally walked in the 8 hole, as good as I’ve ever seen, but god forbid if he ever had to swing the bat. Hopefully the bandbox out in Vegas helps him out. But who really cares because THE METS ACTUALLY WON. Again THE METS ACTUALLY WON, beating the 2nd best team in the National league and at home. Dice-K pitched as solid as a rock, quickly becoming our most reliable starter, so it makes sense that he’ll be gone soon. D-Murphs got back and homered to right center to give the mets a 2-0 lead and then Teagarden all but sealed it with a grand salami (although both these dingers got a¬†bout 2 feet past the wall combined). But who really cares because the Amazin’s won a meaningless game in June to keep us 5.5 back. This is our year!!!!!!

  • FYI, this is taylor teagarden

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