I’m so bored at work i’m blogging about the Yankees

I never ever, ever, ever, ever wanted to have to write about the Yankees for this blog, but I have about 20 minutes left at work and I have nothing else to do. The Yanks do battle tonight with the Mariners and all that really means is that the Robinson Cano show is in the news. I personally have never really had any strong feelings about Cano but always leaned a little more dislike than like. However, the way the Yankees treated him, and the way their fans didn’t appreciate having arguably a top 5 hitter in the league over the last few years is disgraceful. All Cano was doing was crapping out 40/110 seasons and all the fans cried about was that A-fraud was hitting .240. I hope Cano hits 8 bombs to right field this series. I HATE THE YANKEES.

This is the Yankees 2B. Try and name him without looking him up.
Hint: He was OK from like 2005-2007


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