It aint’ over (but its getting pretty damn close)

It is officially gut check time. However, that doesn’t mean its time to hop in the grave and accept our fate. If history has taught us anything it’s that if you want to win a playoff series, going down 3-0 is not a good idea, as it has only been done 4 times out of 177 times coming out to a whopping 2.3% success rate. But, let’s remember, the Rangers are playing the same kings who were down 3-0 to the San Jose Sharks in the first round! Hockey is not Baseball, it’s not basketball and it is not football. In hockey, 1 tipped puck, 1 caught edge, 1 bad line change can affect the whole outcome of a series. So how you may ask, is it possible for the Rangers to win the cup?

Well let’s start at the simple fact that you need 4 wins to raise Lord Stanley’s trophy, not 3. The rangers controlled most of game 1 on the road, the Rangers DOMINATED game 2 on the road. Last night, the Broadway blue shirts didn’t lay an egg inside the world’s most famous arena; they were met by a goalie that is the west coast version of the Swedish Savior (new nickname for The King???). Quick put on a show, and if you are even vaguely familiar with hockey, that shouldn’t surprise you. This Rangers team was in almost this exact situation against the Penguins. After stealing a game in overtime, they were beaten into submission the next 3 game and were 1 loss away from the golf course.

But these Rangers battled back, not because they were bigger, or faster or more talented, because they weren’t. They won because the Rangers just had more heart. Heart is what got the boys in blue here and heart is what has defined the season for the Rangers. But heart is something that is severely lacking in this series. The rangers no longer have the luxury or needing only 1 player to step up, or 1 line to play better. The Blue shirts now need 20 guys in desperation mode, willing to fight not for the cup, but for the guy next to him. THAT is how you win a Stanly Cup. I know all signs point to the fact that come Thursday it will be baseball season, Rangers fans will just have to take solace in the fact of one thing. Nobody has ever won a Stanly cup with just 3 wins.


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