Everything you should know about the Mets(28-35) vs. Brewers(38-26) game tonight

Dice-K (2-0) sporting a solid 3.21 ERA

As I slowly have to come to the realization that I may have to be watching the Mets for my sole source of sports misery for the next few months, it is worth noting some of the key story lines for tonight’s game.

• The Mets have lost 6 straight. This is the 3rd streak of at least 5 this year. It’s the longest for them since April of 2013
• Dice-K is pitching, so the game will probably take about 5 ½ hours (assuming he gets through the 5th)
• Dice-K is pitching so the Mets actually have a chance of winning. At 2-0 (sadly) Matsuzaka is the only active Mets starter with a winning record
• Carlos Gomez, the throwaway in the Johan Santana trade, comes to Citi third in the National League with 31 extra-base hits and in the top 10 in OPS, total bases, slugging percentage, runs, doubles, batting average, home runs and stolen bases. (Santana just tore his ACL playing extended spring training for the Orioles)
• The Mets are only 5.5 games back of FIRST PLACE!!!! You usually have to go to some trashy strip club in flushing to get that kind of tease…. Or you can pay $10 for a beer at Citifield for the same result.

For those of you attending the game tonight, may the odds forever be in your favor, other than that……. I hope its not close so I can tune into House of Cards early.


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